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West Virginia Addiction Clinic

West Virginia is a state known for its natural beauty, history, grand resorts, and architectural feats. Some of the best places to live in the state include Charleston, Huntington, Wheeling, and Morgantown. West Virginia is a leading energy-producing state and has a strong economy led by chemical research, medicine, aerospace, and more industries. Despite this , the state is still battling the opiate epidemic and has the highest age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths.


Millions of Americans are affected by substance abuse and addiction regardless of sex, race, class, or culture. With the growing need for addiction treatment in West Virginia, Addiction Treatment Systems (ATS) opened a methadone clinic in Martinsburg. This clinic offers methadone and suboxone maintenance, detoxification, and drug counseling to help individualize the recovery process. Anyone living in this area of West Virginia and searching “methadone clinic near me” should learn more about ATS and schedule an intake today.


Drug Addiction Help in West Virginia - Customized Treatment Plans


Addiction Treatment Systems assists with drug rehabilitation through outpatient medication-assisted treatments and drug addiction counseling offered at their clinic in West Virginia. Their services are affordable, accessible, and comprehensive to help encourage individual recoveries and heal the community.


Every methadone and suboxone clinic has a team of licensed professionals that are committed to helping clients through each step of recovery. They believe that successful recovery occurs through education, self-help, family involvement, group, support, and a variety of useful resources.


West Virginia Methadone Treatment Clinic - Medication-Assisted Treatment


This addiction clinic in West Virginia uses Medicated-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in combination with other therapies for a thorough approach to the treatment of substance use disorders. Methadone maintenance therapy has been found to be a safe and successful tool for the recovery from opioid addiction. It can help opioid-addicted individuals take back control of their life when used correctly through a trusted treatment facility. Suboxone is another FDA-approved medication used by ATS to aid in recovery. This has similar characteristics to methadone but is considered to be safer in regards to the risk of abuse, overdose, and side effects. The trained medical professionals at ATS will help incoming clients determine which medication is right for their needs and will create an individualized treatment plan. 


West Virginia Drug Addiction Counseling


Addiction Treatment Systems believes that quality drug counseling should be included in a well-rounded treatment plan for the best chance of breaking the cycle of addiction. Their licensed clinical professionals will play an essential role in addiction treatment and will provide a patient-centered, compassionate, and individualized approach. 


ATS provides comprehensive drug rehabilitation through:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling

  • Referral Services

  • Family/Relationship Services


Contact Addiction Treatment Systems for drug addiction help in West Virginia. They have several addiction clinics in Maryland and a location in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Those seeking addiction treatment can easily schedule an intake online or simply show up to the clinic to receive immediate help with same-day admission to treatment.

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