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Opioid addiction is a chronic disease that Affects over 2.5 million Americans

Our team of medical professionals and Licensed counselors are here To help you Overcome Addiction and take your life back today

contact us NOW for immediate help and same day admission to treatment

Maryland Addiction Clinic - Welcome to Addiction Treatment Systems

We are proud to be the leading opioid addiction treatment provider in Maryland and  West Virginia.We are the trusted methadone and suboxone clinic in your area!

Addiction Treatment Systems (ATS) has been providing Opioid Treatment services to the community since 1993.  ATS provides Methadone and Buprenorphine MaintenanceMaintanence and Detoxification, Drug Addiction Counseling, family counseling, and referral services to ensure the long-term well being and success of our patients.  We believe in providing quality care to our patients, and access to treatment for all those who need it in our community.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment for Maryland - Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and comprehensive outpatient medication- assisted opioid addiction treatment through individual, group, and family counseling for individuals addicted to narcotics in Maryland and West Virginia.

ATS firmly believes that recovery occurs through education, family involvement, self-help, group support, and utilizing other agencies and resources as necessary to help heal our communities.


Schedule an Intake at a Suboxone & Methadone Clinic n Addiction Treatment Center in Maryland


Those looking for a “suboxone or methadone clinic near me” can turn to Addiction Treatment Systems. We have six addiction treatment clinics located throughout Maryland and West Virginia. Find a treatment center near you and schedule an intake today. Contact ATS to learn more about our extensive drug rehabilitation services and how we can help individuals take back control of their lives!

Same Day Intakes!

Monday - Friday

No need to schedule an appointment. We welcome walk-ins and offer same day medication if accepted.

Stop by any of our locations to register for our program and begin treatment today.

Waldorf, MD 

"Love the director, she goes above and beyond to help you with any problems you may come across and makes you feel very comfortable when talking to her. My counselor listens to everything and has no problem going out of her way for you. You can tell she loves her job. I mention those two just because i deal with them daily, but EVERYONE there is super friendly and I'm sure you would love anyone program I've ever been to!!!!"

Annapolis, MD

"...They are caring, honest, fair, informative medically competent and have the highest degree of integrity. They have literally saved my life. If you need help and follow the program you will be successful."

Testimonials on this site are from real patients enrolled in Addiction Treatment Systems Treatment and recovery programs and are based on their own experiences. 

Martinsburg, WV

"Great staff, they really care about you there. I've been to a few clinics and this is one of the best ones I've been to! Everyone is always so helpful, and nice. They really make you feel comfortable there. Every experience I've had with Martinsburg Institute has been great!!! Keep doing what you're doing Martinsburg Institute! You guys saved my life! From the bottom of my heart Thank you!!!"

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