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Addiction Counseling Services

Addiction Treatment Systems believes that the medication provided at our clinics are only a part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  The counseling provided by our licensed clinical professionals play an essential role in your treatment.  Our counselors care about you and are here to help you take your life back.  ATS takes a patient centered, individualized approach, when providing treatment to our community. 

ATS provides:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling

  • Referral Services

  • Family/Relationship Services

Individual Counseling

Each client at Addiction Treatment Systems is assigned their own counselor to help them through every step of the recovery process inlcluding face to face consultation and individualized treatment planning.  Our counselors are dedicated licensed clinicians that are passionate about their work, and commited to helping you through your recovery.

Group Counseling

Each of our clinic locations offer a diverse selection of group counseling sessions. We believe that although not mandatory, attending group is a great way for our clients to stay engaged in their treatment and take advantage of all that we have to offer here at ATS.  If you are interested in attending a group at one of our locations, please see your counselor for more information on your clinics group schedule.

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