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about our Methadone & Suboxone clinics in Maryland

Since the early 1990's, Neal Berch, founder and president of Addiction Treatment Systems, recognized that there was a growing and persistent need to treat the opioid dependent populations throughout Maryland, DC, and West Virginia.  In 1993, ATS opened our first Opioid Addiction Treatment Program in Wheaton, MD to serveing and healing the community with Methadone Maintenance and drug counseling services. 

Individualized Drug Rehabilitation Services for Maryland


25 years later, Addiction Treatment Systems now serves the greater Maryland population including Annapolis, Brooklyn Park, Frederick, Takoma Park, and Waldorf, as well as Martinsburg, West Virginia.  Our core treatment modalities consist of Methadone and Suboxone maintenance and detoxification, individual, and group counseling therapy. ATS is strongly focused on providing a wide range of services to help individualize a client's treatment and experience. Our suboxone and methadone clinics are prepared to meet your specific needs!

Maryland methadone clinic - Our Approach for overcoming opiate addiction

Maryland Methadone Clinic - Our Approach for Overcoming Opiate Addiction


Methadone and Buprenorphine Treatment for Overcoming Opiate Addiction

Prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction affects millions of Americans every year. Opiate addiction is a chronic disease that can affect anyone regardless of sex, race, class or culture. You and/or your loved ones do not have to fight this disease alone.


Addiction Treatment Systems (ATS) has spent the last 25 years helping people change their lives through outpatient methadone and suboxone maintenancemaintanence through our addiction clinics in Maryland. ATS takes a person-centered approach to addiction treatment and our methadone and suboxone clinics helps individuals end their addiction and reestablish their lives. 


You and your loved ones no longer have to live with the cycle of addiction.  Find one of our Maryland methadone drug addiction clinics nearclose to you and call to take back control of your life.

Our Approach


Each of our ATS locations have a team consisting of licensed professionals here to help you with your recovery every step of the way.

  • Program Director

  • Medical Director

  • Nurse Practitioners

  • Counseling Team

  • Nursing Team

  • Administration

Our Treatment Team


Addiction Treatment Systems is a group of Licensed and Accredited Opioid Treatment Programs dedicated to delivering services that are in accordance with the best standards and practices in the industry.  Each of our clinic locations are in compliance with the following agencies:

  • Behavioral Health Administration (BHA)

  • Commission on the Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF)

  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

  • Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA)

  • State of Maryland and West Virginia

  • State Opioid Treatment Authorities

CARF Accreditation Logo
Drug Enforcement Agency Logo

Privacy and HIPAA 

HIPAA Privacy Law gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limitations on who can look at and receive your health information. HIPAA applies to all forms of individuals' protected health information, whether electronic, written, or oral.

Addiction Treatment Systems takes privacy very seriously and all of our clinics adhere to HIPAA Privacy Law.


For more information on HIPAA Privacy Law including your rights, your choice, and clinic uses and disclosures see:


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